I Don't Want What I Can't Have (2021)

IMDb for full credits.

Starring Matthew Cassani, William Romano-Pugh, Caitlyn Durkin, and featuring the voice of Robin Edwards

SEMI-FINALIST (Best Experimental Short) of the Indie Short Fest (Los Angeles, California)

Official Selection of the American Golden Picture International Film Festival (Jacksonville, Florida)

Honorable Mention of the LA Underground Film Festival (Los Angeles, California)

Honorable Mention of the Experimental Forum (Los Angeles, California)

Posters by Satoshi Kurosaki

Self-Portrait / Self-Quarantine (2020)

IMDb for full credits.

SEMI-FINALIST (Animated Shorts) of The Quarantini Monthly Film Festival (Online Festival)

SEMI-FINALIST (1:00-5:00 Minutes) of the Couch Film Festival (Toronto, Canada)

Official Selection of the Quarantine Film Festival (Atlanta, Georgia)

Official Selection of the Berlin Flash Film Festival (Berlin, Germany)

Official Selection of the Online Isolation Short Videos Festival (Moscow, Russia)

Janky (2016)

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