M: What'd you get?

A: I got the La Diabla. It's pretty good man.

M: Oh those are tomatoes? I thought they were pepperoni. It looks great, man.

A: Each pizza is unique.

M: They're like snowflakes.

A: You can say you like pizza but it's not always the same.

G (looking up classic horror films): Jaws is so good.

M: It really holds up.

A: Jaws never scared me because I never swam.

M: Hows your slice?

A: mmm pretty good man. There's some bites where you really get a bite of the calibrian chilies.

M: are they hot?

A: yeah its a nice spice. i wouldn't really call it hot, but it definitely leaves a codeine in your mouth of spice. like a nice chile flavor.

M: this is just mushrooms and cheese. its like you can separate the flavors. like this is a cheese slice with mushrooms. its like I'm scooping it up with each bite. I like it as a topping. I don't think it works as a main topping.

A: I thought those were the roasted eggplants. I get it. I'm a fan of anything with red onion.

M: We made a frozen pizza with pepperoncini and red onion and dipped it in humus.

A: pizza and hummus?!

M: I know, it sounds weird but it's very good.

A: honestly it doesn't sound weird. i haven't found anything that doesn't taste good dipped in hummus. except for obvious ones. ice cream.

M: ice cream is always the food when you're talking scenarios of making something less good. "well what about having it with ice cream. you want spaghetti in your ice cream?" "noo :("

A: that probably wouldn't be that bad.

M: it sounds so gross.

A: usually things that i like that are comprised with other things i like are usually not that bad. sometimes the textures bad.

M: texture is a big thing.

M: the slice of cheese is a real good pallette cleanser.

A: round two baby don't call it a comeback.

M: did you get the eggplant?

A: i did i gotta try it.

A: so how do you feel about slicer now. it seemed like you had a little chip on your shoulder.

M: I have been burned in the past, but I'm pretty happy with today. i came to a lot of pizza thursday nights. i have a lot of sentiments for this place. love it in a nostalgic way. i don't crave slicer as much as i used to.

A: i just think of it as something i do weekly. I feel connected because Gill and i came right when it opened and the guys were really cool and we were here when the magazine was new, its all shredded now.

A: the eggplant is really good. its not the most visual appealing

M: thats why i like it. its just these little minimal blops. like some cheese is just gray.

A: flavor over form

M: better than la diabla?

A: la diabla is my favorite slice they have here.

M: the little ricotta drops are great. thats why id get those broccoli slices from before.

M (takes bite)

A: you barely had any.

M: i had some. thats really good. its almost like eggplant parmesan. probably because its just eggplant with parmesan on top.

M: even their cheese is very flavorful.

A: its definitely a by the slice place.

G: its my favorite pizza ever. i like fancy pizza too.

M: its a good in-between.

G: thats why its perfect.

M: i would say the fanciest thing about slicer is ricotta which isn't even that fancy. but its also a pretty nice topping to have.

G: its the best of both worlds.


A: something i think about a lot. it's definitely not something i remember the last time i had, not even imitation of it. Hopefully its good. it's really bbqy which is also why i got it.

M: i figured that had a lot to do with it.

M: this beer is not cold at all. its v disappointing.

A: ice is hard to come by man.

M: but it was in the refrigerator

A: some refrigerators can be deceptive.

M: I'm gunna bank on they just put it in. like they just got home from grocery shopping. they put it in the fridge and then two minutes later decide to have one.

A: it happens a lot. i wish i had will power. or like put it in the freezer and think i won't forget that. but i often do.

M: they have this house hot sauce that looks super good but i didn't see any salsa containers or anything to put it in.

A: they probably just want you to splash it on. or just bring the whole cart out here.

A: I'm getting more excited about this. i saw the hot sauces inside. good variety.

M: someone just walked by and said "i wouldn't break my neck to come back but it was good."

A: holy cow. I'm trying to my meal out here, not trying to put that in my head.

M: i think i just swallowed the bacon. that hot sauce though? v good. i also like how its not too mayonesay. just a nice little glaze. this fucking sandwich is so

A: i think I'm going to need to apply the house sauce onto this sandwich. no, i won't yet. but i will.

M: this meatball just fell right out.

A: thats every meatball sandwich ever.

M: its unbelievable.

A: really? the texture for this one - debatable. but, haven't had pulled pork in awhile, this could just be how it taste. its just rubbery. it has good flavor.

M: my sandwich is falling apart. sometimes i like when this happens because if i have chips or potato or macaroni salad like this, i just mix it together and eat it up after.

A: this potato salad is p good. this one is more thicker. at a certain point when does this just become mashed potatoes. cold mashed potatoes.

M: sometimes its nice to switch it up instead of getting chips at a sandwich place get one of those.

A: i do love putting chips in a sandwich. not so much with a pulled pork. but with like\'85subway, veggie delight, salt and vinegar chips.

A: those meatballs look great

M: ima cut you some

A: you can try to have a bite of this, or scoop you some

M: i like the bbq sauce

A: yeah, me too, big selling point for me. the texture though might be a little rubbery though. but is that just how pulled pork is though?

M: i can't remember. i didn't have it often.

A: this is super good. has a v nice bready texture. cause thats how meatballs are.

M: yeah, usually some kind of grains are in them

A: or bread crumbs

M: bread crumbs, more accurate way to call it.

A: I'm going second round with this sandwich with hot sauce.

M: i would come again. i wouldn't have to break my neck over it either, i would be delighted.

A: yeah, this was a strange choice for me, but still very good.


M: you're getting the blta?

A: you know i regret not getting it at the last place

M: its funny you got that. i got a bunch of stuff to make bltas. I've been making them all week.

A: whats on a blta?

A: i'll say this about going to places for the first time..i don't like not knowing where to go. especially walking around next to those nice cars. i really like this spot though.

M: i like eating outside.

A: it looks good.

M: this seems more like it would come from a truck rather than a restaurant.

A: its a low key operation place

M: its a popup, I'm not mad at it.

A: that biscuit looks great

M: i thought it was gravy at first just melting down. lets get into this.

A: my first bite was delicious. and now I'm going avocado bite with the salad.

M: mine too. this biscuit is freshly baked.

A: theres a perfect amount of condiment on this.

M: perfect amount of condiment on THIS. this biscuit is a real winner so far.

A: whats the purple

M: type of cole slaw and again, portion so great. not falling out. contained.

A: i can't believe that biscuit is holding together.

M: its not breaking apart AT ALL. hows that maple glazed bacon

A: so good. whatever that maple glazed is is so delicious and the caramelized onions. the avocado is perfectly spaced out not even squishing out of the sandwich - SUPER GOOD.

M: its interesting how well they've mastered portions.

A: definitely my problem with being a chef. want to do a swap bite?

M: oh man, i would love to

A: oh man feeling the consistency with this. that spicy hot mustard aioli is so good.

M: oh yeah, i like how its kinda sweet. the onions and bacons goes really we all together. the buttery bread too.

A: oh yeah forgot to mention that. this has a lot more flavor than i was expecting. usually biscuit sandwiches are kinda bland. but that pops right through.

A: the dressing for this salad is a mustard lemon vinaigrette. i make this at home. great dressing. you juice one lemon, one table spoon of olive oil, two clove of garlic one tbl spoon mustard any kind not just yellow mustard but dijon this one is a stoneground then add some chili pepper flakes add some pizzaz add some salt and pepper shake it up a jar and thats your dressing. so good. also tastes like they have some red wine vinegar in there?

M: i like how this place also feels healthy. like they use good ingredients. like the fact this food is vegan isn't the only niche about it.

M: did this help your hang over?

A: this is helping, yes

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